Sunday, December 31

Six Weird Things About Me

Girl Gone Gardening just tagged me with a meme... I am to post 6 weird things about myself, and then tag 6 other people to do the same. I like to think that I'm a good sport, so even though I'm reluctant to tag others I'll play along with the posting part!

6 Weird Things About the Blackswamp Girl:

When I am intently reading something, I tend to rock back and forth as if I am sitting in a rocking chair. Sometimes I catch myself doing it, but most of the time I have no idea until someone else walks in the room and starts laughing.

2) My grandmother slips a small can of mushroom slices into my Christmas stocking each year, because I sometimes ate an entire can of them out of her pantry while staying with her for a weekend.

3) My brother and I have a standing date to sing "Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show" together the next time we find karaoke. We each surprised the other with Neil Diamond CDs for Christmas, and he often calls me when he's on the way to visit his girlfriend in Columbus and Neil comes on the radio. When I come home to find a message that consists only of a whole minute worth of "Cracklin' Rosie," I know who left it on my machine!

4) Some of my planned occupations when I was a kid included: Gypsy dancer, reclusive writer, and feature singer in a large gospel choir.

5) I enjoy cold coffee--not "iced coffee," just regular morning coffee that's gotten cold by the afternoon.

6) One of my favorite things about living in a city is trashpicking. Coco and I arrange our nightly walking route around the trash pickup schedule, so we can see what people are leaving out--once it's on the treelawn, it's fair game!
I have so far trashpicked: A grandfather clock, an old sewing cabinet from 1913 (complete with working machine, wrought iron legs, etc.), two or three old silvered mirrors that I want to use in the garden, a carved-top end table with four panes of glass, several wooden rocking chairs that I am refinishing for use on the porch this summer, a half dozen interesting table bases that are being turned into plant stands, a papasan chair, a perfectly usable but old wheelbarrow, and two metal trellises.

Like I said, I'm not tagging anyone else... but if anyone who is reading this wants to play along, feel free to make your own post and let me know!


Carol Michel said...

I was also tagged, but haven't post anything yet. I was particular intrigued by what you found in other people's trash. I guess it is true, one person's trash is another person's treasure.

chuck b. said...

You are really, REALLY weird.

(You wanted to hear that right?)

But seriously, the mushroom thing made me throw up a little bit in my mouth. I used to throw my slimy mushrooms under the table for the dog to eat when my parents weren't looking.

Anonymous said...

Neil Diamond is THE man.

Pack up the babies
Grab the old ladies

lisa said...

Trash picking? You mean "artifact reclamation", right? :) I am ALL over that, sure can acquire some awesome stuff, and hey-the price is right!

Unknown said...

Carol, I'm always surprised at what people throw away, too. The cabinet/sewing machine was the most interesting find... I had to lift it at least 4-5 different times to figure out a good way to get it into my trunk, and it was heavy! The curtains at that house kept swishing closed whenever I turned toward the house, too. I kept thinking, "Don't just watch--help me!" lol.

Chuck, I actually worried that I was a little too normal! lol. Sorry for the bad mushroom reminder...

Clerk, Amen! ;)

Lisa, I LOVE that! "artifact reclamation"... my Mom just called me this afternoon and said that she liked it, too.

(She reads my blog, she just doesn't comment on it--although, Mom, you know you could do it "Anonymously" without having to have an account or anything!)

By the way, that's exactly what I used to tell my former husband when I came home with new "finds" and had to face his horror that I picked something off of the treelawn: "Just think of it this way: I could have a MUCH more expensive hobby!" *grin*

Anonymous said...

the first rule of artifact reclamation is we don't talk about artifact reclamation.

the second rule of artifact reclamation...

sorry, i've been away so long, that i'm a bit loopy.

best to ya,


Unknown said...

Loopy is fine--especially since you were apparently watching great movies during your recovery! ;)

pmo3ws(Kathy) said...

This post is my fav so far on your blog! I especially love how close you and your brother are. When I hear Cracklin Rosie the next time, I'll think of you two.
You know theres a national group of people who call themselves dumpster divers. I am more like you, the walk and pick up kind. If I were a little younger, I might try the dumpster diving for some treasure I really wanted. Actually our small town in Illinois in the month of May has a town trash pick-up day and many people just drive around to see what they can find. My daughter lived in Germany and this goes on all the time. Each town has a certain day every week, as I understand it. She got a white couch and rug one time. There was an article published about it and many of the antique dealers find wonderful items, all for free!

pmo3ws(Kathy) said...

Just did a google and found the club! hahaha!

Unknown said...

That's hysterical!! I went on that website to check, but there are no local meetings near me. One person in my suburb has signed up to indicate interest, though, so that's good.

I envy you that trash pick-up day. Kent, Ohio (home to Kent State University) does something similar during one week every summer. They encourage people to leave out all of their big items, etc., for several days so other people can go around and collect--and then they pick up whatever's left. I think that they time it to when the college kids leave, as the seniors tend to throw out couches, etc.

The Bull Nerd said...

Hey There! Just wanted to drop a note stating that I am also in NE Ohio (Lake County) and I d-dive on a regular basis (about once a month). Best score ever was 6 (count 'em SIX) lawn-mowers. Got them behind a strip mall on Mentor Ave. in Mentor. If your interested in tagging along on a run sometime, drop me a line. I even own a big white gov't looking van for hauling away the big stuff.

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